watt saved is watt earned

Energy Saving Solution 

If you run a manufacturing facility and need to find a way to cut costs, slashing your energy bill could very well be the easiest and most substantial way of reducing your budget.

When using the Vedanta's range of Motion Sensor to detect occupancy, users can save energy by connecting the motion sensor to the lights | Ac's | Fans. Then, the appliance will turn on and off when people enter and leave the room, so energy is only consumed from the said appliance when it is needed. The motion sensor is especially useful in rooms where people tend to leave these appliances on.

In addition, the combination of the PIR sensor and light sensor means that the lights will not necessarily turn on because someone is in the room. Instead, the lights will only turn on if there is a need for more lighting in the room, minimizing energy consumption further.

We also consider the best case scenario and worst case scenario of the place with the help of Staff to make the solution more efficient which ultimately delivers the best ROI in the industry.

Application: Home | Offices | Plants | Factory | Hospitals | Institute | Parking | Passages | Washrooms | Store Rooms | Clinic

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